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Christmas Time by Ask2P-Italy

The piece overall is lovely and well done. The shading and frost/mist is well applied as are the charactets themselves along with their clothing. Its clear in the picture that the two characters are the same person because of their obvious similarities in the eyes and hair, its also helpful that the artist points it out. My personal favorite is the clothing that the older version is wearing and also the expressions and body language of the characters. Another good part of the picture is its clarity.

Aside from the well drawn characters and details, the value in the picture needs to be worked on, for example the contrast between the white shirts of the characters and the background is hardly existant, therefor it doesn't get the desired effect to attract the eyes of the viewers to the characters, instead they get distracted by the background and the impact of the picture is dulled; the same for value. As of anatomy, the job is well done and incorporated well with the artist's style with the exception of the right hand of the younger character which can be improved with time and practice. Lastly the negative space in the backgrpund creates a small problem, but much of a probldem considering the setting.

All in all its a nice piece and admired for its originality of the idea and the artists style.
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Ask2P-Italy Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist
(( Hahaha thank you very much for the critique, it really helped out! c: ))
2pNyoAmerica Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
[ Prego- happy to help uvu ]
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